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Boob Tape - Preorder.

Boob Tape - Preorder.

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Boob Tape - Preorder.


The width is 7.5 cm. This is suitable for any cup size. However, for a large bust you will need more tape more quickly.


Currently there is 1 color available. More from 2024.

Lift your breasts with the new Boob tape from BOOBEES.

The 2nd generation boob tape is flexible, strong and leaves no adhesive residue. With the innovative BioGlue technology, our tape offers a comfortable lift and push-up effect.

Why boob tape?

No bra: Invisible look under your dress or top.

Push up / lift: Shape your breasts to desired shape or discretion.

Why BOOBEES Boob tape?

Skin-friendly: 2nd generation BioGlue, suitable for all skin types.

✓ Strong: Woven in a new way that makes it stronger.

✓ For big and small: The Boob Tape is extra wide (7.5cm)

What is 2nd generation boob tape?

boob tape skin-friendly generation 2 developed to lift and support breasts

(A picture can describe more than 1000 words.)

The latest variant of boob tape is firmer and the adhesive layer (BioGlue) is stronger, without irritating the skin. This is a very important topic.

The use of acrylic-like and spandex materials in most boob tapes can cause irritation and in some cases even burns.

We have managed to prevent this with a new innovative boob tape. That's why "2nd generation boob tape" is hypoallergenic material that is gentle on your skin. You can wear it with confidence, even for longer periods.

How do you use boob tape?

1. Make sure your skin is clean and dry.

2. Cut the desired length of tape and gently apply to the desired position, taking into account the desired support and style.

3. Press the tape firmly to ensure good adhesion.

4. Enjoy a confident and stylish look!


Step 5. To remove, use warm water to loosen the tape. This can easily be done in the shower. H The use of oil can also soften the tape and make it easier to release . NEVER PULL OFF THE BOOB TAPE SPONTANEOUSLY.

For a complete explanation with examples, go to BOOB TAPE EXPLANATION.

Boob tape & Nipple covers bundle.

Nipples and boob tape don't go together as well. Therefore, always use the correct protection. Our discount bundle Boob tape + Nipple covers is the best choice.


Our Boob tape is designed for cosmetic use and is not a substitute for medical support.



95% Polyester, 5% BioGlue.


Per roll 7.5 centimeters wide by 5 meters long.


Hygienically and sealed in a cardboard box. No return possible after breaking the seal.


Frequently Asked Questions about Boob tape.

How do I use BOOBEES Boob tape?

BOOBEESBoob tape is easy to apply and remove. There are different ways to apply the tape, depending on the type of clothing and the desired effect. An important guideline is not to use too much stretch, as this can cause skin problems. Never use too much stretch at the beginning and end of the tape. We recommend using a warm shower or washcloth to remove the tape. After soaking the tape with water, you can easily remove it from the skin.

Do I need to stretch BOOBEES Boob Tape when applying it?

Although the tape is elastic and conforms well to the skin, excessive stretching, especially at the start and end points, is not recommended as it can cause skin irritation. When applying, take advantage of the natural elasticity of the breast skin. Shape the breast into the desired shape and attach the tape without too much stretch.

What is High Quality Boob Tape?

High-quality Boob Tape is elastic tape with a skin-friendly latex-free adhesive.BOOBEESBoob tape is an excellent example of a safe and skin-friendly product. This tape is manufactured in an ISO certified factory in China. The production process is strictly controlled, and only approved, skin-friendly materials are used. If the user follows the instructions ofBOOBEESBoob Tape follows closely, with special attention to the proper use of stretch, Boob Tape is safe and kind to the skin.

Can I use BOOBEES Boob tape on sensitive skin?

Before using the tape, it is wise to cut a small piece and test it on your skin. If you have no skin reaction (itching, bumps) after 2 to 3 hours, your skin is probably suitable for the tape. If you do have a skin reaction later, remove the tape immediately. Absolutely do not use the tape on damaged or irritated skin. Send proof and get your money back. We are happy to think along with you.

How can I remove Boob tape painlessly?

To remove, use warm water to loosen the tape. This can easily be done in the shower or with a washcloth. Using oil can also soften the tape and make it easier to release. For example, olive oil, coconut oil or baby oil. Let this take effect for a while and then carefully remove the tape.



Can I use BOOBEES Boob tape in the sun?

Yes, you canBOOBEESAlso use boob tape in the sun. Under swimwearBOOBEESBoob tape applied regularly. However, keep in mind that heat may strengthen the tape's adhesion to the skin. Be careful when removing the tape.

Where is BOOBEES Boob tape produced?

BOOBEESBoob tape is manufactured in China.

How do I best store BOOBEES Boob tape?

To maintain the adhesive strength of the tape, saveBOOBEESBoob tape at room temperature. Keep the tape away from heaters, direct sunlight or warm areas (e.g. in a car).

How long does BOOBEES Boob tape last?

BOOBEESBoob tape can be safely left on for 3 to 4 days, but usually the tape is used for shorter periods. We recommend removing the tape with warm water or oil.

Which Boob Tape contains Nipple Protectors / Nipple Covers in the package? 

BOOBEESBoob tape comes with a set of reusable silicone nipple covers if you order the bundle. 1 pair per pack. These nipple covers provide a nice curve, protect your nipples from the elastic tape and prevent your nipples from being visible under your clothing.

Can I be allergic to BOOBEES Boob tape?

Yes that is possible. In an allergic reaction, the entire area will become irritated and itchy. Then carefully remove the tape using oil or warm water. A plaster allergy is often caused by the latex in plasters. The adhesive layerBOOBEESBoob tape is acrylic and latex-free, but this does not provide an absolute guarantee against skin irritation. We recommend testing a small strip of tape on your skin before use.

What is the Best Boob Tape on the Market?

We guarantee that all our products meet the highest quality requirements. While Boob tape is often imported at lower prices, these products usually do not meet the required safety standards. The types of glue used in particular can cause skin problems (irritations/burns). If you are looking for safe and skin-friendly Boob Tape, chooseBOOBEESBoob tape.

How do I know if BOOBEES Boob tape is safe to use? 

BOOBEESBoob tape belongs to our 2nd generation tape, the newest tape in the Netherlands. Our products meet the latest requirements. We guarantee the safety of all our products.

Is BOOBEES Boob tape waterproof? 

Yes,BOOBEESBoob tape is suitable for swimming. The tape is elastic and breathable. The BioGlue does not dissolve in water. That's whyBOOBEESBoob tape can also be safely used under swimwear.

What is Boob tape used for?

Boob Tape is used to lift and shape the breasts and can be applied in different ways depending on the desired effect. It is useful if you do not want to wear a bra or under certain clothing such as party dresses, tops or jackets. Although there are images and videos on social media with tips for taping different garments, it is important to be careful. Too much stretch is often used, which can cause skin irritations and blisters. So pay close attention to how you apply and remove the tape. ALWAYS take your time when removing it.

What should I do before using BOOBEES Boob tape for the first time?

If youBOOBEESUsing boob tape for the first time, you can perform a skin test to check how your skin reacts. Apply a small piece of tape to the skin of your chest, neck or inside of your arm and leave it on for about 2/3 hours. If you experience redness, itching or a burning sensation, do not use the product, send us an email and you will receive a refund. We advise against itBOOBEESBoob tape to use on sensitive, damaged or thin skin. You should also use this if you have sunburned or sun-damaged skinBOOBEESAvoiding boob tape. If the skin test goes well and no skin reactions (itching, red rash) occur, ensure clean, oil-free skin before applying the Boob tape. Do not use oils or lotions on clean skin, as this can reduce the adhesion of the tape to the skin.

Can I use BOOBEES Boob tape during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

We do not recommend using Boob tape during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. Wait about six months after your pregnancy or cessation of breastfeeding before tapping your breasts.

Is Boob tape reusable? 

No, Once Boob tape has been applied and removed, it cannot be reused for a new application. The composition of the glueBOOBEESBoob tape is specially designed for application to the skin around the breasts. Although the tape sticks to the skin long enough, it cannot be reused after use.

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Yvonne (South Holland)
Werkt niet

Voor transpersonen werkt de tape niet. Het geeft totaal niet mee.

Hey Yvonne,

Bedankt dat je de tijd hebt genomen om een review achter te laten over onze Boob Tape. Het is echt jammer om te horen dat het niet goed werkte voor jou.

Ik heb je gemaild om het op te lossen.