I (Kirsten) am going to take you through the origins of BOOBEES.

The summer of 2022, at that time I was employed at a large lingerie store. I quickly noticed that nipple covers were in high demand. Makes sense after all... it's getting warmer, the sun is shining and everyone is pulling out the cute summer clothes. Open backs, low cut necks, halter tops, you name it. So to avoid bra straps showing, nipple covers were in high demand.

Why develop that yourself when big lingerie stores already offer it?

So the thing is ... the most commonly offered color is Beige. So we also only had Beige in the store... One day, you guessed it... a lady came to me with a darker skin tone and asked for nipple covers. I grab them and explain how they work. At the end I got the question, "But do you have any other color? That's when I realized how bad it was that I had to say NO. To be perfectly honest, some embarrassment came with it. This could be better, I thought. I started researching and found out that there were really no nice color ranges offered in this industry.

So I started developing different color nipple covers! Now 8 months later there is a nice collection of colors from light to dark with different undertones. On top of that, there are also 2 sizes to accommodate a little bit the smaller and larger cup sizes.

Is your color among them? >>> BOOBEES. | 100% SILICONE NIPPLE COVERS |